How to Choose Prom Dress According to Your Body Type?

Searching for the proper and eye-catching prom dresses are not too difficult to find but if you are unaware of your body type then it might be a little bit complicated. As your shape can be anything, but when you are about to choose the best prom dress then you have to consider the same and the way you are going to fit in that dress you have already chosen.

If you have an apple shaped figure then you must go for a different type of dresses and for other types, there are variations of the same as well. If you already have chosen a dress from an online or offline store, then you have to know that you might not look good in that dress because of your body shape, thus here we have listed the different body types and which dresses will go well, according to the same.

  1. Busty upper part

When you have a heavy upper part and a narrow waist then you must go for a dress that well suits the very type. You need to wear gowns that are full so that the whole body looks balanced and you can go for gowns having high necklines. You must avoid going strapless or super short ones which will showcase the upper part.

  1. Pear-shaped

In this type, your hips are the main feature of you and you need to create a gorgeous look by wearing illusion or crystal neckline gowns. With these types of clothes, you can easily accentuate your shoulders and bust properly. You can consider boho style for the prom as well, and you will be regarded the retro chick for sure.

  1. Apple type

For this, you can choose long gowns that are of solid colors. Go for A-line upper part and you can strapless as well. You need to hide your midsection, so try not to go for tight fitting dresses that pull the traction towards your belly and go for this comfortable flowing dress.

  1. Plus sized girls

Now, pus sized girls also have nothing to worry about as they will find the best dresses for themselves as well. You can always go for long prom dress for the prom and you will look very beautiful in that. Go for a full to cap sleeves which will cover your arms, if you are worried about it. Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t shy away from short dresses too, because if you like your legs then you should always flaunt them.

  1. Hourglass types

This is the most appreciated type in women and they love to have this natural figure for themselves. Thus, you need to know the way you can dress up your beautiful body for the prom this year. The best thing you can go with mermaid cut dresses and this will get you the best compliment than ever.

  1. Petite body type

If you are the owner of this body type then you can certainly show some legs and try out the slim fitting dresses as well.

Check out these 6 types of prom dresses according to your body type and you will always be able to look good with the proper dress.